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The Original Los Angeles Climbing Gym

some info about us

The Los Angeles gym is a great oasis in the sometimes crowded bustle of the city of Los Angeles. With 10,000 square feet of climbing wall and a 1,500 square feet of fitness area, there is a lot to do for all ability levels. Our gym offers a large boulder area, 200+ top-rope routes, and a lead area with an arch that has routes up to 65 feet in length. If you want to train for the outside or get a workout in as you hide from the 405 traffic,  Rockreation Los Angeles has so much to offer you!


Rockreation has been a local resource for climbing training and education for over twenty years. Within our walls we have grown as the sport of rock climbing developed from a little-known activity to an internationally appreciated sport for kids and adults enjoyed at various levels of difficulty. We’re proud to be a part of the rock climbing roots in California and aim to incorporate our members into the rich history of climbing by giving them everything they need to thrive in this amazing sport.

Evolving Facility

To keep up with the demands of the ever-growing climbing community, we strive to keep our facility up-to-date; having newer and better cross-training equipment, new walls sets, various offerings in fitness and yoga or different and unique styles of route setting. We try to give our members something new to explore and a community in which they feel comfortable pushing their boundaries with all the right tools to train safely and effectively.

Experienced Staff

Our staff is comprised of  climbers who are motivated in providing a safe, fun and educational community that inspires others to become a part of the rock climbing legacy of California. They have a wide range of abilities across all disciplines and boast real-world climbing experience from all over the world. Many have learned the who, what, where, why and how of the climbing world through years of practice, training and torn cuticles. Want to know about climbing? Just ask. They love talking about it!


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OUR services


Rockreation attempts to bring all aspects of climbing to our visitors, whether they are seasoned veterans or first-time climbers. With a long tradition of professional instruction, our facilities caters to continued learning in the sport of rock climbing and it’s various disciplines while maintaining industry-safe practices, a fun environment, and a community-centered atmosphere.


We know climbing isn’t just about climbing for many of our visitors and at Rockreation we want to give you the tools to improve your training and diversify your selection of activities within our doors. Enjoy a range of cross training options to add to your workout routine, such as traversing, weight training, cardio, yoga, etc. or come on by just to have fun with something new!


Rockreation’s tradition has been long grounded in the fostering of new climbers. Our facility values its reputation for learning and strives to provide a thorough curriculum of climbing instruction at all levels and ages that is current on the best safety practices and techniques in the sport. Our instruction staff are as excited as they are proficient in the climbing disciplines and trained to provide you with the best learning experience, whether it is your first time climbing or if you’re looking to improve.


We specialize in kid’s programs and youth training at Rockreation! Private instruction, small groups or birthday parties, Kid’s Climb, Climb Time, Club Team and the competitive Rock Warriors team all work with out skilled and experienced staff to create a fun and challenging environments for kids ages 6 and up.

meet our team

Jennifer Tanaka

General Manager, LA

Jennifer Tanaka, a California native, discovered rock climbing in her early 20s and has fallen in love with climbing over and over again. Rockreation will always be home base. Climbing outdoors at the local crags helps her to reconnect with nature. Red Rocks sandstone is her favorite place to climb outdoors and when not working or climbing, Jennifer studies martial arts at a local Kung Fu school. Jennifer is excited to be a part of the Rockreation Team, bringing climbing to the Westside for over 20 years.

Steve likes to keep people guessing. Each route he sets endeavors to be different than anything else on the wall and his style of routesetting is a combination of the training options and straightforward nature found in good commercial setting, and the flair and showiness of competition style. He has traveled all over the country setting competitions for youth and adult athletes, and has learned something from each experience. Steve loves setting routes that just jump off the wall, routes that you just HAVE to climb and he’s looking forward to being able to bring a product to Rockreation that is world class!

USA Climbing Level 2 Routesetter | USA Climbing Certified Coach | CWA Lead Instructor

Lee Garver

Assistant Manager, LA

Lee moved to sunny California as soon as he graduated college and immediately fell in love with rock climbing! He found Rockreation when looking for fun activities around LA and hasn’t been able to leave since. Having worked in many different areas, from non-profits, to adventure courses, to TV post production, Lee is very excited to join the team and help spread the loving community that is climbing!

Shalyna Reyes

Special Events Manager, LA

An ocean away from home, Shalyna moved from Germany to beautiful Santa Monica to fulfill her educational goals. While being a student at Santa Monica College, she excitingly signed up for the rock climbing class SMC offers. Thus, she ended up learning rock climbing from the best – the owner, Blaine Eastcott, and the staff of Rockreation. Since taking the class, Shalyna has been a busy rock climber, an instructor at Rockreation and at SMC, and is proudly taking on her new position as Special Events Manager. She is excited to use the knowledge she has gained from working at Rockreation and attending SMC. Along with her excitement, she will use her creativity to effectively create new, interesting, and fun special events for all ages

Looking to Work at Rockreation?

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Rockreation is an engine that wouldn’t work without all our dedicated staff. Admin, desk staff, instructors, routesetters, belayers and managers all work together to keep Rockreation a legacy in the Los Angeles area and a known source for climbing knowledge, safety and experience across the international climbing community!

Blaine Eastcott, Owner | President

Thanks for choosing Rockreation for your climbing, fitness, and recreational needs.  Our vision is to be the place you can come to explore climbing for the first time, or train for hard climbs outside.  We want to create a sense of community around overall fitness and health that transcends just working out.  Rockreation is a place that helps you achieve your goals for health and fitness, whatever they may be.  So, train hard and play hard, and let us know how to help you get there.




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