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For Kids!


Online reservations will be available to members and non-members for Rock Climbing during our modified hours.


Rockreation offers a fun and unique environment for kids to try, learn and challenge themselves!

Children must be 6yrs or older. See gym area restrictions below.

Please Review: Rockreation Gym Area Age Restrictions

Children of any age can come to Rockreation! However, there are a few age restrictions on different areas of the gym:

  • The minimum age OUR STAFF can teach or belay is 6 years old.
  • Children under 6 can be belayed by a belay-certified adult. Please see the section below for options on becoming belay-certified.
  • 16 years and older only in the fitness areas please! With the exception of staff-supervised groups such at the climbing team.
  • Bouldering is 12+ only with a bouldering orientation.
  • Children under 12 years old using the auto belay MUST be clipped in and out by an adult WITH a full waiver and proper orientation but we would rather have an adult clip in all minors. That means both child AND adult need a waiver filled out.
  • Children 12 and older may clip themselves in and out with auto belay orientation but they can’t clip in anyone else, or any other kids.

Belay Certification Details

If your child is under the age of 6 and cannot be belayed by one of our staff, OR if you’d just like to able to belay your whole family at any time, the following options are available at our facility:

  • Fight Gravity One is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the world of climbing and is perfectly suited to teach you the basics of rope and belay set-up and safety so you can get the knowledge you need to pass our belay certification. Experience the excitement of climbing and learn the basic belay skills to climb roped in the gym. For only $55, you earn the 2 hour class as well as a FREE Week Membership (includes FREE equipment rentals). Click HERE to sign-up online.


  • Private Instruction is available and will cover the same curriculum as Fight Gravity One (above) but more tailored toward your needs, learning curve and can include your whole family. Contact us at least 3 days prior to allow time for scheduling you an instructor.


Please note that both these options require some planning. Fight Gravity is only offered on specific days throughout the week and Private Instruction requires 3 days notice to schedule. If you’re thinking of bringing in your kids and family, please contact us first to set you up with the best option for getting you climbing safely and with maximum enjoyment!


Birthday Parties

Host your party at Rockreation Los Angeles!

Rockreation offers a fun and unique environment for adult or kids parties and events. Children must be 6yrs or older.


Click HERE to learn more about scheduling a birthday party with us!


Climb Camp

Enjoy a week long Climbing camp at Rockreation Los Angeles!

Each 5 day CLIMB Camp includes lots of games, climbing and personal accomplishment! Our professional camp instructors are experienced at teaching kids the basics of climbing techniques and skills in a fun, engaging way. Camps run from 9am to 1pm and include a zip line, a king swing and an obstacle course. Please see the reach camp page for seasonal themes, sessions and pricing.


Rock Warriors and Youth Climbing Team

ROCK WARRIORS is a weekly rock climbing team for kids ranging from ages 9 to 16. The program is designed for young climbers looking to improve their rock climbing in a team-based athletic environment, and is a step up from the Kids Climb and Reach Camp programs.


Interested in being on the team? Contact Steve for availability and try-outs!


Kids Climb

Must be 6-13 years to sign up; 5:1 climber-instructor ratio; max 5 climbers per session

Kids Climb (2 hours $55):
If your kids are climbing the walls at home bring them in to Rockreation and let them climb our walls. During Kids Climb we provide an experienced belayer to belay and supervise the kids.


Climb Time

For kids (ages 6+) and parents to sign up; 4:1 climber-instructor ratio; max 4 climbers per session

Climb Time (1 hour $35):
If you are thinking about trying climbing, stop into Rockreation and let one of our experienced staff belay you. During Climb Time we provide an experienced belayer to belay and supervise you. You get a One hour session to explore our top rope areas.


Youth, School, and Scout Groups

Arrange the most exciting scout, church or youth group outing you have had in a long time!

Youth group events are tailored to your needs – from a group climbing party to technical climbing instruction. Rockreation will provide safety equipment and staff supervision for all climbing activities. We also offer Scout Merit Badge courses for scouts 12 yr. and older.

We also offer single or multiple session programs for public and private schools as part of their physical education programs. We can cater to the specific needs of a school or use one of our current class structures. Cost is dependent upon the number of students and the length of time in the gym.

Contact us for more information about arranging these groups.