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New Climber FAQ

Can I just come and try out rock climbing without an appointment?

Please see our new climber options below and make sure to fill out a waiver and check our day-rates and rental packages!

  • Trying out climbing for the first time or don’t have a partner? Check out our Climb Time sessions on weekends for a 5 person group climb with one of our staff belayers!
  • If you are interested in private or semi-private instruction, please call ahead to book a session. We require at least three days notice of booking a session in order to match you with an available instructor.
  • For those seeking classes on belay and climbing techniques, look no further than our Fight Gravity Series. Check out the descriptions and great deals on class packages to get you in the gym, with gear and on the wall!

What's the minimum age for children to climb at Rockreation?

Children of any age can come to Rockreation! However, there are a few age restrictions on different areas of the gym:

  • The minimum age OUR STAFF can teach or belay is 6 years old.
  • Children under 6 can be belayed by a belay-certified adult (see next question below).
  • 16 years and older only in the fitness areas please! With the exception of staff-supervised groups such at the climbing team.
  • Bouldering is 12+ only with a bouldering orientation.

Can I bring a child under 6 years old to climb?

Children under 6 are more than welcome in the facility but must be belayed by a belay certified adult. Belay courses are available three times a week if you would like to become certified to belay your youngster.

Check out the Fight Gravity 1 (Intro Belay Class) info here!

How much does it all cost?

Costs are broken down on our Hours & Rates page.

Are there classes/programs for kids?

We have many offerings for kids! Check them out on our page For Kids!

What Are the fitness facilities like?

You can check out a detailed description of what we have available in our fitness area on our Facilities page.

Have our instructors take care of the belaying for you!

sign up for one of our many group sessions:

Kids Climb (12 and under) or Climb Time (Kids or Adults)

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