Save time at the gym, fill out a waiver online!



  1. Fill out and submit the digital participant* agreement by clicking the button below
  2. Follow email instructions to complete verification    (check spam folder if needed)
  3. After verification, a copy of your waiver will be sent to you and to Rockreation
  4. Check in at the front desk and we’ll get you ready to climb!


By completing one of the waivers above AND clicking the confirmation in your email account, your waiver is automatically sent to our system.

Just check in at the front desk and say you filled out the waiver online. No need to print the waiver in order to check in.


*Waivers MUST be completed by ANYONE entering the facility past our gate*

This includes climbers at any age or ability level, anyone using fitness facilities, observers, small children or anyone else not climbing.

If you’re in the building, past the gate, you MUST have a waiver. NO EXCEPTIONS.